Maurice Duverger, 1917-2014

Maurice Duverger died on 17 December 2014 at the age of 97. He had been in a rest home for many years, too unwell to make public appearances. Here are some clips of Duverger from the website.

The first clip is an excerpt from a December 1965 programme about the first direct presidential election in France after the 1962 constitutional reform.

The second clip of Duverger shows him in a car during demonstrations in Paris in May 1966. He has been invited to comment on events. There is footage of Duverger at 1 min. 20 secs.

The third is from May 1968 where Duverger talks about the student riots that were shaking the country.

There is a further clip from 1976 where he is talking about a new book that had just published.

The final clip is a news report from October 1987. The item is about the National Front’s campaign against absenteeism by deputies in the French National Assembly. There are comments from Prof. Duverger at 1 min. 55 secs.

Other clips are available too.

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