Presidential Power Scores

In these pages you will presidential power scores for 116 countries across 181 time periods.

There are two sets of presidential power scores, prespow1 and prespow2. They are based on 28 existing measures of presidential power that scholars have already published.

The dataset on which the prespow1 and prespow2 scores are based can be accessed at the Harvard Dataverse Network here.  With each measure, you will also find 95 per cent confidence intervals and standard errors for each country time period.

The scores are based on research by David Doyle and Robert Elgie. The paper in which the research is fully presented is forthcoming in the British Journal of Political Science and is available in advance here. The methodology can be found here.

When using the scores, please cite:

Doyle, David and Robert Elgie. 2015. Maximizing the reliability of cross-national measures of presidential power. British Journal of Political Science, DOI: 10.1017/S0007123414000465.

A full list of the 28 studies upon which prespow1 and prespow2 are based can be found here.

A comparison of prespow1 and prespow2 scores by region can be found here. This page provides some indications as to how the scores might be used.

The original blog post setting out the aims of the new presidential power scores is available here.

5 thoughts on “Presidential Power Scores

  1. sbayram

    Where can we find the list of 28 studies? I didn’t see a link. The reference to Harvard Dataverse Network does not contain a link either. I would much appreciate access to the list of studies and the dataset.

    1. David Doyle Post author

      Thank you for the comment. I am sorry that the links did not work. I have updated them. The link to the dataverse site is here: You can also access the data, and the full list of studies, here: If there is anything else you are looking for, please just let us know.

  2. sbayram

    Thanks a lot for the links. Now I have a new problem, though. Supplementary material associated with the BJPolS article is behind a paywall and the dataverse page says I don’t have persmissions to access the data because it is a restricted page.

    1. David Doyle Post author

      I have updated the link to the Harvard Dataverse site on the blog. This should be completely accessible now. The public link is also here: On the dataverse site, not only can you download the data, but you can also download a list of the studies used in pdf form. Please let me know if you need anything else.


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