Welcome to Presidential Power

Welcome to Presidential Power.

This is a new blog that focuses on the activity of presidents and presidential activity around the world. We are all scholars with a particular interest in the politics of presidencies and their incumbents. We have have started this blog because we feel there is space and need for such a blog. Currently, there are plenty of blogs that focus on politics generally both in individual countries and more broadly. There are also blogs that focus on presidents in particular countries or geographical areas as well as at least one blog that focuses on presidents more widely but still only in semi-presidential countries. Matthew Shugart’s excellent blog includes frequent discussion of presidents, but only as part of a wider focus that includes elections and electoral systems. To our knowledge, there is no blog that focuses solely on presidential activity across the globe. We aim to fill that gap.

In our posts, we will provide relatively brief but hopefully useful analyses of presidential power. There will be posts that address the concept of presidential power as well as plenty of posts about presidential activity in individual countries and regions. We are interested in all aspects of presidents and presidencies. We will include coverage of both directly and indirectly elected presidents in both democracies, autocracies and regimes somewhere in between.

We do not aim to be a news service. We will not be trying to be the first to report a news item. Instead, we aim to provide an informed discussion of events that relate directly to presidents. So, there will be posts about specific presidential activity, including vetoes, appointments, dissolutions etc. There will also be posts about presidential elections and presidential popularity. However, we understand that presidents do not operate in a vacuum. Wider events in the polity can affect the exercise of presidential power. Therefore, we also aim to place presidential activity in context. To this end, there will be posts about legislative elections, changes of government, executive-legislative relations, and so on.

Whereas this blog allows us the space to reflect on presidential activity, we also have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Here, we will link to events in a more timely fashion. So, if you would like to follow the day-to-day politics of countries with a president more closely, then please feel free to like us on Facebook and to follow us on Twitter.

Finally, we are political scientists by training and we approach presidential activity from that perspective. However, we very much hope that our posts will be useful both for practitioners and for the informed general reader. Whatever your interest might be, we hope that you will enjoy the posts and that you will return to the site in the future.

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