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This blog is now seven weeks old. Thank you for visiting the page and for coming back!

As you may know, in addition to this blog we also run a Facebook Page where we post links to breaking news items. These Facebook posts go automatically to our Twitter account (@prespow). Do please visit and ‘like’ our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter.

Since we began on 4 October, we have posted nearly 350 news items on our Facebook Page, or around 50 per week. We have also retweeted additional news stories from our Twitter account.

Increasingly, researchers are using social media to collect data for research projects. For example, Thomas Sedelius and Olga Mashtaler recently used posts on The Semi-presidential One blog as one of their sources for identifying presidential/prime ministerial conflict in Central and Eastern Europe (‘Two decades of semi-presidentialism: issues of intra-executive conflict in Central and Eastern Europe 1991–2011’, East European Politics, DOI:10.1080/21599165.2012.748662).

In this spirit, we are making openly available the data set of our Facebook posts. The data set includes the title of the post, the date of the post, and the link to the original news story.

The data are fully searchable. So, for example, they can be searched for references to presidents in particular countries, or for references to the exercise of a particular type of presidential power. In addition, the links allow researchers to go back to the source of the Facebook post to verify the story or to research the item further.

The data set is available on request as a .csv document. This means that it can be opened in Excel, Numbers or an equivalent programme. If you wish to receive a copy of the data, then please just e-mail Robert Elgie (

In return, we ask two things. First, if you are on Facebook and have not already ‘liked’ our Page, then please do so. Second, and more importantly, if you use the data set in any publications or papers, then please acknowledge it in the following way: Robert Elgie, Lydia Beuman, Cristina Bucur, David Doyle, Philipp Köker, Sophia Moestrup, Paola Rivetti, and Fiona Yap, 2013-, Presidential Power Project,

If you have any reflections on the data or the blog generally, then please feel free to leave a comment or contact Robert Elgie directly (

Thank you again for visiting.

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